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3 Month Simple Fix

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Think you've tried everything or don't know where to start?

Our Simple Fix Program begins with an in-depth consult that defines the specific issues that keep you from acieving your goals. 

Once we determine what your personal goals are we build your plan.

You will have an entire 3 months of support as we work together and guide you to acheiving your wellness goals!

Finish your program with confidence that you know what foods your body needs. You will not be on a diet since you will have learned how to prepare good foods in ways you enjoy. You will know how to eat well while out. Be prepared to eat well in any country, city, season, situation, or setting!


Food is only one part of your wellness, let's get your plan down and move on to higher levels of well being!


Tap into the potential of our virtual nutrition office!

Forget having to take off work and visit a Clinic to see your dietitian. Meet your dietitian in our secure virtual office or communicate with text on your patient page. You can contact your dietitian as often as you need and get regular feedback on food journal entries, questions about your specific needs, exercise efforts, and lifestyle improvements. 

Our Simple Fix Program includes regular follow-up visits along with weekly challenges and reflections designed for you personally.

Most importantly - It  allows you open communication with your dietitian so you can keep the conversation and learning going between scheduled visits. 

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