Why Blood Type Diet

Our Simple Solutions Program beings with real food. We specify based on Blood Type Diet or the Genotype Diet which goes even further into the science of what your body needs.


Your immune system largely determines how your body interacts with your food. If something is marked as foreign or dangerous, your body will rally an immune system and attack it. You experience this exchange as stomach discomfort, nausea, indigestion, gut pain, gas, bloating, inflammation, sinus blockage from excessive mucus, skin disorders, fatigue, anxiety, and a host of other symptoms. The symptoms are remnants of the battle being waged in your  body.

Stop eating the bad guys and you can stop the war...


I found the blood type diet during a long struggle with "sinusitis". For years I would be able to breathe in the morning but by the evening my sinuses were plugged shut. Doctors defined my condition, sinus -itis (inflamed sinuses). Woohoo, now what? Stimulants that shrink the tissues and allow breathing. True story. Problem is this happens at night and I need to go to sleep. Not a viable solution. Sadly that was all allopathic medicine had for me.


Reading Eat Right For Your Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo one day I saw that type A people make more mucus than normal and this is greatly exascerbated by milk. I was drinking lots of milk... I cut out cow milk and two days later I was better.


I was never sick. I was poisoning myself daily. Remove the poison, remove the "disease".


I am asked often, "Which meat is better?" or "Which vegetables should I focus on?" or "What should I not eat for this condition?". Blood Type or Genotype Diet is the best way to answer those questions and discover once and for all what foods serve your body and which foods harm it. You will leave our Simple Solution Program with a clear idea about what your body needs and which foods help you be your best self. You will be able to make good foods choices in any country, city, season, situation, and setting once we dial in your plan. 


Begin your journey today towards cleaning up your nutrition and developing an enjoyable, sustainable relationship with food! 

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